February 2016 - President's Letter

February 1, 2016

Dear ODNNY Members and Colleagues,

The holiday season and a record breaking snow storm are behind us and Ground Hog Day is upon us. Since it has been a while since my last "letter from the President", it is time to share some updates with our community.

ODNNY is the middle of another great programming season! Value-added programs this season have included topics ranging from an individual focus such as peer coaching and The Purpose-Oriented Worker to my favorite topic, managing continuous change and best practices for M&A. Last week's topic was talent management. Upcoming programming topics include group dynamics, a CSR panel event, and a special program that focuses on our own OD community.

We look forward to your continued support and participation in this special program. The world has changed drastically over the last 5-10 years, impacting OD just as it has other fields. In that changing landscape, the board wants to ensure ODNNY is still relevant and continues to add value for our community. That exploration has led us to create a program reaching out to you for volunteers and assistance in figuring it out. Stay tuned for information on the program and please join us to assist in shaping the future direction of ODNNY!

By design, there is always change occurring on the board which is great as it enables fresh perspectives and new ideas. A recent board change, which some of you know, is that yesterday I stepped down from the President's role. This is my seventh year on the board including three years as President, one as VP, and three as CTO. The time has come for me to step into the Emeritus role and focus on other things. I felt both a responsibility and privilege in serving this wonderful organization and our OD community to continue the ODNNY legacy.

The organization will be left in the more than capable hands of the current board with Cathy Joseph stepping in as interim President. Along with our community, I would like to welcome her into the President's role and will support her in the transition. Also continuing on the board are Anastasia Bamberg, Tesmerelna Atsbeha, Robert Taylor, and Laura Espriu.

You may notice that our board is shrinking. In addition to thanking them for their service, join them! Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization and give generously of their time to maintain and grow ODNNY. We need individuals interested in serving on the board (3 positions open including Treasurer) or a committee, especially Marketing and Communications. Reach out to a member of the board if you are interested.

Thank you all for your support over the last seven years, especially the board members' dedication, support, and ability to laugh! I look forward to seeing you at upcoming events, especially the special program. In the meantime, I wish everyone a wonderful 2016.

Best regards,

Suzanne Young

ODNNY President Emeritus