1-2-2011 - aspirations for 2011

Jan. 2, 2011

Dear ODNNY Members and Friends,

As I reflect on 2010, it seems like I was just reflecting on 2009. The pace and complexity of our work and personal lives has increased astronomically, challenging us and our organizations just to keep up with change, let alone get ahead.

I'm reminded of a quote from one leader: "If you're in complete control, you're probably not going fast enough."

That was Mario Andretti, admittedly not an OD practitioner but definitely someone familiar with adapting to rapidly changing conditions. A big part of our job as OD practitioners is to help our clients go "fast enough," to ride the crest of the wave of change. Our mission at ODNNY is to help our community develop the skills, knowledge and relationships we need to make that happen.

I'm thankful to the awesome ODNNY board and volunteers who helped make 2010 so successful, and to the many of you who attended and enriched the programs with your participation. For 2011, we have a continuing great lineup of programs and plan to expand our offerings. You'll hear more about those plans in coming months - and you'll hear us ask for more of you to add your efforts, your voices and the amazing array of skills out there to help us go "fast enough."

To start, I asked board members to share their wishes and questions for ODNNY and the OD community for the coming year. In the interest of brevity, I've excerpted some of their responses below. Full responses are on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=663777&type=member&item=38797953, where I hope you'll join us and add your own wishes, thoughts and questions for OD and ODNNY in the coming year.

As we look ahead to what I hope will be a happier, healthier and more positive 2011 full of opportunity, I'll leave you with one more quote (‘tis the season), from one other speed expert, hockey star Wayne Gretzky: "We miss 100% of the shots we don't take."

And one more wish: That collectively we take all the shots we can.

Happy New Year!

Mark Berns
President, ODNNY


From the OD Network of New York board:

  • "During these difficult and complex times, leaders have the ability to empower others and create positive opportunities for change. Wishing all ofyou a Happy and successful new year in each of your endeavours" ~ AJ Stone, academic outreach.
  • "My hope is that ODNNY becomes a beacon of ideas and solutions for practitioners looking for answers to the difficult challenges we are all facing in the organizations we serve." ~ Vice President Miguel Bonilla.
  • "What are the most important societal trends our network sees impacting organizations for 2011? And more importantly, why?" ~ Victoria Axelrod, secretary and network builder.
  • "My wish for 2011 is that more leaders take the time to focus on supporting ‘people' through individual, team and organizational change -- that business people bring more heart and spirit to the work they do (rather than just action)." ~ Cheryl Franz, treasurer.
  • "My wish is to enlarge the ODNNY community in order to broaden my perspective and the perspective of other ODNNY members. ... We live in a time where world transformation is possible - my goal is to make it probable beginning one person at a time." ~ Sherri Cohen, professional development.
  • "I have two dreams ... that all of you who read this newsletter understand how much ODNNY values your active participation. ... [and] that each of you will identify one non-profit to invite to one of our programs and spread the word about our non-profit pro bono OD initiative!" ~ Laurie Kelley, non-profits, Pro Bono Initiative.
  • "My curiosity question for 2011 is how to best navigate transitions in a way that not only encompasses reflection and learning but also inspires energy, action and focus, so that as individuals or organizations we come out the other end in a richer better place." ~ Rachel Lee, corporate outreach.
  • "In spite of all the economic and political uncertainty, I seeopportunities for OD professionals to bring about positive change through creative thinking and compassionate leadership." ~ Holly O'Grady, professional development.
  • "I am wishing all of us a good start into the New Year, filled with energy, thought provoking and deep conversations, opportunities to grow and the confidence to keep true to our path." ~ Barbara Christian, program chair.
  • "Wishing all empowerment, engagement and enterprise building for the New Year." ~ Charlotte Wagenberg, volunteer coordination.