Volunteer Thanks

We would like to thank our past board and committee members.  Their commitment and contributions to ODNNY are greatly appreciated.  It is our volunteers who build and sustain our great organization. Thank you!


Board Members

  • Suzanne Young, President
  • Elaine Mason, Secretary
  • AJ Stone, Treasurer
  • Cristina DiGiacomo, Marketing Committee Chair
  • Cathy Joseph, Programming Committee Co-Chair
  • Jill Logan, Programming Committee Co-Chair
  • Dora Graye, Membership & Volunteer Co-Chair

Committee Members and Volunteers

Programming Committee

  • Cathy Joseph, Co-Chair
  • Jill Logan, Co-Chair
  • Tesmer Atsbeha
  • Melissa Lomax
  • LaToya Lyn
  • Lauren Moses

Marketing Committee

  • Cristina DiGiacomo, Chair
  • Anastasia Bamberg
  • Sarah Lawrence

Mentoring Program

  • Dora Graye, Co-Chair
  • Suzanne Young, Co-Chair