Why sponsor ODN of New York? 

With a sponsorship, you bring your brand to the forefront of where world-class members of the NYC OD community connect. We also use a barter approach and strive to create a sponsorship that is beneficial for us both. 

Here are some options:

Organization Memberships 

For larger organizations, we offer discounts on group memberships:

3 Members $250

5 Members: $500

10 Members: $900

Brand Promotion

Have space available for events? Do you want organizational leaders in your space?

We can offer free memberships and general promotions of your brand in trade for space to host events, especially if you have access to a training room. Space needs to be equipped with AV to show presentations from speakers.


Have a webinar that would be appropriate for this audience? We can host and promote webinar attendance both in NY and to a national audience. Cost is $500 and content must be non-promotional. You will get access to all contact information from registrants.

Email blasts and advertising

Have an event you’re trying to promote? Or training classes appropriate for this audience? We can promote your events with special eblasts to our list of over 2000 and run advertisements in our regular event communications. Cost is $1000, and we can only take one in a 90 day period. 

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Jason Myers, President, at Jason.myers@odnny.org or call directly at 512.779.4674


99 Wall Street, Suite 299
NY, NY 10005


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