• 19 Sep 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Strategies for Wealth - 120 Broadway, 37th Floor, NY, NY 10271
    • 49

    As OD professionals, our job is to help organizations develop and change so that they can be maximally productive. We have spent quite a bit of time learning the practice of our craft, new content, and approaches for working with people and organizations. However, most of us have spent much less time working on how to become effective at influencing senior management so that we may actually have significant business impact on the organizations that we serve.

    In this interactive session, Ethan Schutz, President & CEO of The Schutz Company, will present a scientifically based theory of interpersonal relations that will assist OD professionals to become effective strategic partners to organizations.

    This theory, called FIRO and created by Ethan’s father Will Schutz, not only serves as a way to navigate developmental stages of organizations and teams, it also applies at multiple levels — organization, team, relations between people, and self. As a global authority on FIRO, Ethan will demonstrate how the theory can be applied in all types of organizational work. Through the use of this "Swiss Army knife" theory, OD professionals have one overarching guide for both getting a seat at the table and for effecting change in organizations.

    Ethan Schutz is President of The Schutz Company, a consulting, training, and publishing company that helps people navigate the human side of business in order to achieve bottom line success. He has helped people learn to shift organizational culture to be more collaborative and accountable in the US, the UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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