Webinar: Cultivating the Self for Complexity: A Whole Self Approach for Supporting Clients to Thrive in a Complex World

  • 16 Oct 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • Zoom online platform


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It’s clear that our world is becoming more complex every day. Clients come to us, specifically because they seek resources and guidance for how to navigate territory for which they feel unprepared. Cultivating the Self for Complexity, which Carolyn developed together with her friend and colleague, Doug Silsbee, addresses the question of how we can cultivate the whole self that can not only survive, but thrive in complexity. This approach to cultivating leaders for complexity weaves together three well-known bodies of work—constructive developmental theory, complexity theory, and Presence-Based Coaching(c) to offer ourselves and our clients a set of powerful practices for sensing, being, and acting in ways that are well-adapted to the complexity we face; the complexity in our context as well as the endless complexity of ourselves (cognition, emotion, and sensation).

In this webinar, Carolyn will introduce you to some ways in which complexity challenges us and the leaders we support, as well as a model and approach for working skillfully with the complexity, both in ourselves and in our clients.

You'll learn:

• What complexity is and how it's different from the world most of us are wired and trained to work with 

• How learning to see and work with complexity for what it is might enable huge shifts for you and your clients

• A framework to help you both see and work with complexity through multiple channels

Our speaker - Carolyn Coughlin

Carolyn Coughlin is a founding partner at Cultivating Leadership, Growth Edge Coaching and the Growth Edge Network. She works with leaders to help them become their biggest, most complexity-adapted selves and trains coaches in the theory and practice of adult development. Carolyn’s coaching and leadership development work is informed in part by the 10 years she spent as a management consultant, and in even greater part by the journey of her life. She writes, talks and teaches about developing whole leaders (body, mind, heart) to thrive in complexity and to create organizations where others can do the same, with a particular commitment to supporting women to step into and thrive in leadership positions. She is the author of a chapter called “Developmental Coaching to Support the Transition to Self-Authorship” in the forthcoming Jossy Bass Sourcebook, Transforming Adults through Coaching.


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