Dream Teams & the Science of Breakthrough Collaboration

  • 9 Apr 2020
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Zoom


Who Wants To Be An OD Innovator?

Join us April 9th at 4:00 PM for an OD Innovators gameshow webinar hosted by the author of Dream Teams

We may be going out of our minds right now, but our jobs require us to still grow and innovate. So this 60-minute live webinar about teamwork and innovation is going to be a little different.

Before the quarantine, business author and science journalist Shane Snow was going to give a keynote about his bestselling book Dream Teams to the OD Network of New York.

To make things more interesting now that we’re all stuck at home, he’s adapted this material into a virtual game show format—

Think Price is Right, but instead of figuring out how much a blender costs, we’ll be breaking apart the less-seen effects and hidden science of breakthrough teamwork.

And just like the Price is Right, there will be a rotating cast of contestants from the audience—this could be YOU—and prizes to be won, from signed books to free access to Snow Academy innovation courses, and more! (All participants will get a digital prize of some sort.)

If you’d prefer to just tune in and not be a contestant, that’s fine—there will be live audience polling during the game, and “commercial breaks” where Snow will answer questions from the chat room.

How to prepare for the show: 

– Download Zoom and make sure your webcam works with it. You don’t absolutely need to do this ahead of time, as the link to the event will automatically do everything for you, but it’s good to make sure all the permissions settings on your computer are set before you log in to the meeting. [see our basic Zoom tutorial cheat sheet here]

– Get a notebook and a marker ready. You’ll need some free pages to write quiz show answers on—both if you’re selected as a contestant or if you’re just a willing audience member.

– Wear your best game show outfit. Your host will be in sequins, so don’t worry about overdoing it. Sure, you can show up in business casual (or more casual), but why not wear something loud? Who knows, the best outfit may win a prize.

About the Presenter - Shane Snow

Shane is a Pulitzer-Prize-nominated journalist, and the bestselling author of several books, including his most recent: Dream Teams, which is about the art and science of making breakthroughs together.

He’s an entrepreneur who’s built multiple innovative companies and employed thousands of people. His writing on business and science has appeared in Wired Magazine, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and many others. 


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