Hosting Kickass Zoom Meetings

  • 31 Mar 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
  • Zoom online


In the beginning, Zoom was kind of fun... the hero of the pandemic. We made the switch to virtual work pretty seamlessly (for the most part), to continue working together and maintaining our personal and professional connections. Let's be honest... we had to!

But, as the calls pilled up, so did Zoom fatigue. The bar for hosting meetings that are engaging, that participants want to be a part of, is higher than ever. 

There is a TON of information out there on how to host Zoom meetings and webinars but in this workshop, we will walk through best practices for facilitating these sessions, together. As we all know, reading about it and learning by practicing, result in different outcomes.

More specifically, in this workshop, we will explore: 

  • Preparing for and facilitate zoom meetings with small and larger groups
  • How to be an engaging facilitator that participants can learn from  
  • Using different facilitation tactics and activities to encourage brainstorming and buy-in 
  • How to facilitate with confidence, deal with challenging stakeholders, and incorporate thoughtful approaches

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The facilitator:

Raya is the president and chair of the board of ODN-NY. For over 10 years, as an organizational psychology and development strategist, Raya worked alongside business leaders to support talent enablement and foster culture change. As a certified organizational coach, Raya uses a strength-based approach to help individuals and teams accelerate their performance and create synergies. Currently, as a Consultant at Russell Reynolds Associates, Raya leads the L&D portfolio for the firm's leadership and succession practice, working shoulder-to-shoulder with managing partners to foster talent, offer best-in-class solutions to clients, and ultimately drive revenue. Prior to this role, Raya worked as a trusted organizational consultant within various industries.


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